7 Virtues Of A Warrior


How many do you have?


This Is a Weird One For Me But….

This question was sent to me from a client who was having difficulty finding proper sportswear. She described her self as “well-endowed up top.” I have not, nor will I ever be well endowed up top, so I had to do some research. Thank God for the blog fit bottomed girls, because they saved my hash big time. Here is the link…and I am going to awkwardly slink away. Have an amazing, blessed, prosperous day!

6 Things You Should Know About Sports Bras

No (regularly worn) sports bra should celebrate a birthday. If you’ve been wearing one regularly for more than a year, chances are it’s no longer giving you the support you need.
You should always have at least three sports bras — one you’re wearing, one in the wash and one in the drawer. If you just keep wearing the same one without washing it or giving the fabric a chance to rest, it won’t stay supportive for long!
You might want a different sports bra for different activities, and that’s where Moving Comfort’s new categories are super helpful. Bras from the Secure Category tend to be best for lower-impact activities like yoga and Pilates. The Control Collection is seriously designed for bounce-free performance, so if you’re looking for something made for running and jumping, this is a great start. However, the Stabilize Collection may be a good fit for those activities, too — these bras don’t have quite the same intense construction as some of the Control Collection bras, but they are designed to provide serious support with minimal movement.
A proper fitting is a great first step, because for any bra to even be in contention, you should easily be able to put two fingers under the band in the front and the back, the straps shouldn’t cut in anywhere, and you shouldn’t spill out the top or sides. Then, do the jump test to make sure everything stays put!
Even if you know your size, try it on. If you’re at all between sizes, try anything even close to your size. And yes, that might mean that you try a Small A/B, Small C/D, Medium A/B and Medium C/D, all in the same style. While I’m basically always a B cup in a regular bra, I found that in some styles of the Moving Comfort sports bras, the C/D version provided just as much support but more coverage than the A/B version of the same bra. For example, in the case of the FineForm (a strappy sports bra in the Secure Collection, best for lower impact activities like yoga), the smaller cup size was a definite no-go, but the larger cup size was completely adorable. And in the case of the UpRise (A/B) and UpLift (C/D) — they’re essentially the same bra but with a few minor tweaks to better accommodate the different cup sizes — I actually loved the fit of both, with the UpRise providing a bit more compression for activities like jumping or sprinting, but the UpLift feeling sooo comfy with the wider straps and distribution.
You have thin collections of connective tissue in your breasts, called Cooper’s ligaments, and they support the bulk of your breast tissue. Damage to the Cooper’s ligaments is what causes saggy boobs, and while you can’t necessarily prevent them from ever sagging, keeping your breasts well-supported is a major key to slowing the process. Because once that damage has occurred? It can’t be repaired. Not with exercise, not with surgery.

10 Reasons Why Women NEED Chuan Fit Training

Why Do Women Need Chuan Fit?

Heart Disease
Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases
Alzheimer’s Disease
Unintentional Injuries
Influenza and Pneumonia
Kidney Disease

Those are the TOP KILLERS OF WOMEN IN THIS COUNTRY. Many people fail to enroll in a movement program, because they aren’t interested in becoming “gym rates” But as the Center for Disease Control Statistics show, you are FAR more likely to suffer and die from the above conditions. Chuan-Fit is an integrated approach to wellness whose benefits go FAR beyond “gym stuff”. Chuan-Fit is a high energy, low impact wellness program that will scorch through fat, build lean muscles, protect your joints, and allow you to look and feel like a new person. Chuan-Fit is a proven method that will help you cultivate a better relationship with your body. With Chuan-Fit, there will never be a need for invasive surgery, or diets, or any unnatural methods. Here at Chuan-Fit our only goal is to empower, encourage, and uplift you so that you can be the very best person that you can.

If you want to look and feel great, improve your health and meet some awesome folks, feel free to contact us. My number is 925 918-2457. Anyone who calls will get a FREE Ideal Body Break Through Session. Also, check us out on Twitter, Instagram, and Face Book by using the word Chuan Fit. Thank you, and have an amazing prosperous day!

Simplicity Is Always Best

Keep in mind folks, that simplicity is the key to mastery. Many “experts” give convoluted or complicated explanations for VERY simple matters. I personally believe that they do that for reasons of ego, and to inflate their sense of self-importance. For almost ALL things, there is a simple way to explain them. If an instructor cannot explain what they are teaching to a 7 year old, feel free to question how well they know the material in question. I do not say this to speak down to, or to insult anyone. I merely want to help you navigate the “messiness” that is so prevalent in the Martial Arts and Fitness worlds.

As a side note, if you would like a simple explanation to your wellness, Martial Arts and fitness needs, check out Chuan Fit on twitter, Instagram, and on You Tube. Call me now for a free ” Ideal Body Breakthrough” session. My number is 925 918-2457. Thank you and have a wonderful, blessed, and prosperous day!

Sometimes We All Need Help

Hello folks,

I just had this idea jump into my head. It has always been true, but I think that sometimes we get so caught up in our own lives that we feel that our personal circumstances are unique. I have been a Martial Artist and a Wellness Instructor for a few decades now, and the one thing that I cannot stress is the importance of asking for help.

Some of you will balk at the idea thinking things like” So and So famous person never needed help.” Newsflash for you: Yes they did. EVERY single successful person that I have known has had someone, at some time offer them some much needed help. There is NO SUCH THING AS A COMPLETELY SELF MADE SUCCESS. Public success covers private failure nicely, but there have always been failures on the way to success.

There are so many failures in my life, that I can hardly call the successes that I have now successes. Michael Jordan is known for his buzzer beating prowess, but he has MISSED far more buzzer beaters than he has made. By HIS admission.

That brings me to my next point. If you are not satisfied with how you look, or feel, or if you lack energy and need a boost, look into Chuan Fit as an answer. I offer a free Ideal Body Break Through Session for folks just like you. Remember if you ( or I ) could do it alone, than we always would. Call me at 925 918-2457, or check us out at ChuanFit.com or on my Chuan Fit You Tube and Twitter Channel. I am here to help, because sometimes, we all need it.

Have a wonderful, blessed, prosperous and happy day!