Hello folks, I am asking for two minutes of your time.

I just wanted to first of all thank you for checking out the blog. I assure you, that I will keep it full of interesting information, recipes, tips, motivational quotes, and articles to uplift you in any way that I can. As a matter of fact,  I would love you to share, rebut, or create a constructive dialogue about anything that you read here, whether your like OR dislike it. I am here for you all the same.

You may be like a LOT of other folks I have spoken to, and they always ask me how I KNOW that Chuan Fit is the best thing for them. The answer to me is simple: I have broken down the essence of why people don’t work out, or  got to a gym. It is NOT that they don’t have the time. Folks are busy, now so more than ever, but time is NOT the reason. I say this from a place completely free from judgement. I don’t judge you, I want to help you. If you believe time is the issue, ask yourself this: If I could guarantee you front row seats to EVERY Golden State Warriors game for the next 5 years, how would you feel? Do you think that you could find a way to make the game?  For most of you, the answer is: “Duh Anthony, what are you, an idiot?” My answer is” umm yeah sometimes”

My point is that people far more often than not, will make time for the things that they LIKE to do. So my first reason for why you should go to Chuan Fit class, is that it is a LOT of fun. Now,  I know that Wed. ( insert class type here ) with ( insert teacher name here ) is pretty cool. But let me tell you what they aren’t doing like Chuan Fit. They are NOT effectively building a community of students that actively support each other. The Chuan Fit community is about doctors, painters, lawyers, CEO’s, mechanics, house moms and everything in between that all have a common goal. We help each other because we are ALL ( myself included ) works in progress. It is hard NOT to groove to Bob Marley,  George Clinton, Parliament Funkadelic, Led Zeppelin, The Gap Band, Michael Jackson, Tito Puente, James Brown,Prince, Jimi Hendrix, Sam Cooke, heck, the list goes on and on. I can comfortably guarantee that Chuan Fit is the most fun that you will ever have while exercising. THAT is why you will WANT to come.

The next is simple. I guarantee results. I can tell you that in less than a hour and a half per WEEK, I can make your body change in ways that you can measure. If you think that there is a more effective form of exercise, ask the teacher why they dont make a similar guarantee. Anyhow, that is it  for now folks. Tune in for another exciting episode, coming soon……..


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