2 Simple Tips And One Minute That Could Save Your Life


1. EAT MINDFULLY-Eating without paying attention causes you to eat the wrong things and/or too much food. Doing either ( or both ) could as they say” take the shine off your shoes.” Heart disease, diabetes, and all sorts of other ailments await the person who doesn’t practice mindful eating. Check out Dr. Lilian Cheung, co-author of Savor, Mindful Eating, Mindful Life.

2. Self-Defense expert Sanford Strong author of “Strong on Defense” sets forth four basic rules that everyone should know if faced with a dangerous situation or attack.

1-React immediately
2-Resist with all your strength
3-Avoid crime scene number 2
4- Never give up

Want more? We want you to want more :)At Chuan Fit we are actively recruiting mothers and daughters for a free upcoming “What I need to know physically and mentally to defend myself” seminar. Check us out on IG, Twitter and Face Book at Chuan Fit, and feel free to comment, like and share any post you like. Your questions will be answered within 24 hours.


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