A Simple Rant On Motivation And Why I Don’t Run

Hello folks,

I am here to give a short, but passionate rant. This is not about me not liking joggers, or marathon runners. I think that they are just fine. It just reminds me of a common ( and kind of sad ) excuse I often hear about why people don’t go to the gym. ” I don’t like going” is what I hear quite often.

WELLLLL, do not go to the gym. Go for a walk outside, take a hike, play tennis against a backstop, shoot some hoops, jump rope with the local kids. WHATEVER!! None of us is going to stick with what we don’t like. I don’t like to jog, so I don’t. I have tried to disguise it as basketball, or tennis, but somehow I remember that I am running back and forth. Not my gig. More power and God bless those who can do it.

Folks, do what you LIKE to do, and you will do it often. That is all. I am finished!( drops mic and walks off stage )

( Runs back to the stage and picks up the mic ) that said, if you ever see me running, you should run also. Behind me there are probably a pack of Rottweilers, or zombies or something. Don’t ask….just run. You can thank me later!


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