Nobody Can Make Me Anything

Teaching kids about self-defense isn’t just teaching them how to throw and block punches, kicks, and thwarting aggressive bullies. Teaching kids is also about instructing them in the importance of proper attitude, perspective, and self-talk.

Tom Callos, team coach for a program called the Ultimate Black Belt Test promotes the idea that real self defense is far more about what a child thinks, than it is about some technique of a Martial Art. This applies to adults as well,to be honest.

One of the top 10 self defense skills he teaches is that nobody can make them do anything. Somebody else cannot make you angry, or sad, or even happy. It is NOT wise to give anyone else that kind of power over you. Of course, this is MUCH easier said than done.

I personally agree 100% I do know that HUGE things are achieved through small consistent efforts. The first time that you don’t allow someone to control your feelings, it can then add up to two, three, four etc.

That is largely how Martial Arts classes work. As a side note, if you are kind enough to read this blog, please check out, or on the chuan fit you tube channel to receive your free introductory session, Thank you!! Anyone student can be a successful skilled Martial Artist with a series of small consistent victories. REAL self defense is a lot more than the physical, it is emotional and spiritual and intellectual as well.

Today, as you go about your day, tell yourself: NOBODY CAN MAKE ME FEEL ANYTHING!


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