Simplicity Is Always Best

Keep in mind folks, that simplicity is the key to mastery. Many “experts” give convoluted or complicated explanations for VERY simple matters. I personally believe that they do that for reasons of ego, and to inflate their sense of self-importance. For almost ALL things, there is a simple way to explain them. If an instructor cannot explain what they are teaching to a 7 year old, feel free to question how well they know the material in question. I do not say this to speak down to, or to insult anyone. I merely want to help you navigate the “messiness” that is so prevalent in the Martial Arts and Fitness worlds.

As a side note, if you would like a simple explanation to your wellness, Martial Arts and fitness needs, check out Chuan Fit on twitter, Instagram, and on You Tube. Call me now for a free ” Ideal Body Breakthrough” session. My number is 925 918-2457. Thank you and have a wonderful, blessed, and prosperous day!


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