Thinking Plants Not Animals? had this little gem. Since I am considering straight vegetarianism, I thought I would share the love. Voila!!


Sometimes You Have To Hear It From Someone Else

I talk a lot about this topic, so now I am going to let someone else do it. Enjoy!

10 Facts About Stretching You Need to Know

Because I Love To Inform

I read this article on the blog: My fitness pal. As I have had numerous clients come to me about this very thing, I wanted to put out some information from a ladie’s perspective. Enjoy!!

How to Break Free of Emotional Overeating

Because I Am Frequently Asked

I am often asked what I eat, or what kind of diet do I follow. My answer is…. I don’t. I have an eating philosophy. I try to eat as much food as possible in its natural state. If all you have to do is perhaps rinse food off before you eat it, that is good food. Fruits, nuts and veggies fall into this category. I just try to eat food that does not have “ingredients” or anything processed. I avoid foods that have ingredients that end in “ose”. Maltrodextrose, sucralose, that kind of stuff. Other than that, I drink as much water as I can handle, and I workout. Ta-da, the Anthony eating philosophy all in a nutshell. Have a great day and a wonderful, blessed, prosperous, happy weekend!

Simple Advice For Diet Haters!

Good for you! “Eating right” is not complicated. The less ingredients your food has the better. The less you have to do to “prepare it” before you eat it, the better. If most of your food only has to be washed off before you can eat it, you are on the right path. Email me at or call me at 925 918-2457 if you have any more questions.