The Mind/Body Connection

Check out this article folks. Take care of your minds.


Here is an SAQ Post

Hello my friends,

Now you may be asking, what in the H-E Double Hockey Sticks is an SAQ? That is not the Frequently Asked Questions it is the SHOULD ASK QUESTIONS. See how cool that is? I feel so smart. Anyhow, on to the point. I get a LOT of questions about Chuan Fit, which I am more than happy to answer. But I find that the questions are very shallow. They are not the kinds of questions that truly give you the information that is most useful. Let me give you an example of an FAQ versus an SAQ

FAQ: How much weight will I lose? My answer-It depends largely on your diet, and personal genetic history. Your scale usually does NOT tell you what you need to know.

SAQ? How will  my body composition change? My answer-You will be leaner and stronger!  I guarantee that your body composition will change for the better. You will burn fat and gain lean muscle mass. That is why Chuan Fit is so great. DISCLAIMER: IT IS POSSIBLE AND LIKELY THAT YOU WILL GO DOWN IN CLOTHES SIZES, BUT GAIN WEIGHT!! WHY? BECAUSE MUSCLE IS 80% MORE DENSE THAN FAT IN EQUAL VOLUME. If you need an example think of two soda cans side by side, one filled with fat, one filled with muscle. The can filled with muscle will weigh 80% more. Get it? Simple isn’t it. Anyhow, please send me your SAQs and I am more than happy to answer them.  Be well!

A Simple Request To Follow

Hello everyone! Today is a lesson in simplicity. Take 30 seconds to ask yourself these two questions

1-Are you satisfied with your life as it is?

2-If you are NOT satisfied, what are you doing to change your circumstance?

I find that those two simple questions can take you a long way. Be well!