Why Chuan Fit and Movement Matter

Hello folks,

I have been thinking a great deal about exercise recently, and the zillions of exercise options out there. I have participated in some kind of sports my entire life. This is besides the Martial Arts training that I have done since 1980. I first played football, then a season of baseball, then mostly basketball. Later on, I got involved in yoga, Tai Chi, and some other more esoteric forms of exercise.

As I have mentioned before, most of the information in the fitness world is of an either/ or nature. For example, one can lift heavy for a few reps, OR they can lift lighter weight with higher repetitions per set. You can sprint for burst speed, or go long distance for improved cardio.

I developed Chuan Fit, almost accidentally. I actually had something totally different in mind when I first started it. But the more I thought about it, the more sense it began to make to me. Chuan Fit is amodality which addresses the most fundamental aspect of our physical wellness.

That component is movement. Every type of physical fitness requires movement. Every single one. Constant and consistent movement keep the body ( and the mind to be honest ) strong, supple and agile. THAT is why Chuan Fit matters. In a world where there are literally dozens of options, you can ask yourself how many of them require constant and controlled movement. THAT is what makes Chuan Fit work for everyone. It effectively addresses out bodies need to move. Chuan Fit is a complete movement system that addresses the either/ or paradox rather easily. It addresses the paradox with a simple word: And. It builds strength, AND improves muscle tone. It builds power, AND improves endurance. It is good for beginners AND athletes. You get the idea.

So ask yourself if that sounds interesting to you.  I am more than happy any questions that you may have. Email me at chuanfitmail@gmail.com. I cannot wait to hear from you.

One Love everyone


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