5 Lies In The Fitness Industry

Hello everyone,

I do not usually like to dwell in the negative, but there are some pervasive lies out there that are being told in the fitness business on a regular basis. I understand ( but do not condone ) the reason why. But rather, I am going to speak on them, and then give just a little bit of why it is a lie.


1-THIS DIET ( Insert ANY diet here ) is the best way to lose weight. I don’t care what you put here, it is a lie, and I will tell you why. A diet is a shortcut to solving a temporary, short-termed goal. If you are indeed making a life-style change, you are NOT dieting. You are making a life-style change that will benefit you for your entire life.

2-You can only safely and healthily lose 2 pounds a week.I hope you are wearing high boots folks. That is pure cow flops, horse pies, bull sh……….Well, you get the idea. This idea was spread by the fitness for personal trainers. If you have a lot of weight to lose ( no judgement folks, just saying ) it could take quite a long time, and a LOT of money to achieve your goal. Guess who that benefits…..YUP, them, NOT you. Let your body be the guide itself. You will lose what you body deems correct.


3-Sports drinks are better for you than water. WOW, look out folks, we almost stepped in it again. Most sport drinks are FULL of chemicals. To help with flavor, color etc. If you have a hard time drinking a lot of water ( my hand is raised ) then try coconut water, or water infused with cucumber or lemon, or some kind of fruit. Water is just fine folks.


4-I am an expert because I have a ( Insert Certification Name ) . Now, we KNOW that there is a need for standards because we can’t just allow anyone to teach people about there body, and how to improve it safely. In MY humble opinion, anyone who trains another person should have a degree in health, or kinesiology, or something that shows that the person has put in a significant amount of study into the topic. Martial Arts classes get a bit tricky because there is no national standard for Martial Arts. But there should be for physical trainers.


5-The BEST classes are ( Insert Class of Person Who Referred You ) Folks, there is a LOT of ego that goes on in gyms. Everyone wants to convince a client that THEIR class is the best suited for a client. The fact is that there are several factors to consider when choosing classes. I recommend that you try a BUNCH of classes and see what works best for you, and where you feel comfortable.

I could go on, but a deal is a deal, and I said 5. IF you want more, feel free to ask and I will deliver. Until then, have an amazing, happy blessed, fabulous day!




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