5 Quick Tips About Wellness

I just wanted to drop this on you really quickly because often times, folks on the beginning of their wellness path tend to over think how they are going to accomplish their goals.  For those who are not in a place where Chuan Fit is available to you, let me hit you with a few basics.


1-Decide to do something TODAY-NOT tomorrow, NOT when your in-laws finally leave. I mean today. It does not have to be a major thing. The idea is to set yourself up for successful thinking. If you have to get up and walk to the end of the street and back, you have succeeded in taking an action that is good for you. You have done more walking at that point than you have EVER done in your life. Feels good think of it that way doesn’t it? You have set yourself of up for future success.

2-Don’t think that you need a gym to work out. While you may not be able to get your Chuan Fit on, you can certainly get your fitness game up. As a matter of fact,  I am going to be putting up tons of videos just for you. Stuff you can do at home while watching television or you tube. Never let it be said that Anthony does not have your back.

3-Sleep is more important than you think. Now I KNOW that some of us are really busy. But adequate sleep is a thing that I had to work up to doing myself. I get myself to bed at a decent hour after YEARS of NOT doing so. I also stopped reading tweets and Instagram posts for at least an hour before bed. The difference has been that I get better sleep, and have more energy to give you all. Plus, I may or may not have Batman onesie pajamas. Don’t judge me.

4-Bring your own motivation playlist-Let me tell you what I mean. You can either plug in your phone and get your you tube and/or ipod on, OR, and this is better. You can bring someone along with you. You would be amazed how much easier it is with a good friend to go along with you.

5-Make SHORT goals. Don’t look too far ahead. I recommend looking forward only one week at a time, until you YOURSELF notice the improvements. EVERY week that you exercise is a victory. Give yourself a little shout out at the end of every small achievement. If you don’t think little things can make a difference, walk around the block with a Leggo in your shoe :).


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