Please, Never Forget!

Hello folks,

As the New Year looms closer, I am accosted with the usual amount of ” Getting Started Back in the Gym Next Year” kind of talk. I am not going to speak ill of anyone who has told me that. The fact is the SOME of the people will do just that. For those who will not, well… they just will not. I just want to remind people of something that they often forget…..

You are supposed to ENJOY your workouts. The reason that I have been able to teach Chuan Fit for 18 years plus and not get bored is because I love it. I love the energy and the effort that I feel from my participants. This does not mean that I am never tired, or reluctant to go train. But for the huge majority of the time, I know that I will have a great time, and be glad that I went.

This is not just about Chuan Fit folks ( but it kinda is LOL ) it is about fitness in general. Don’t lock yourself into a gym or ANY situation that you aren’t enjoying. If you like Tennis for example, do not go to the gym to “get in shape for tennis”. Just play tennis. If you like to walk, throw in the music and get to stepping.Life is too short, and I have received two very unfortunate reminders of that recently. Your health and fitness are probably your best assets besides time, and loved ones. So, my friends, please be good to yourself, do what you enjoy. You will thank me ( see how I take all of the credit )

Your Fitness Pal,



Can They Explain The “Why?”

Hello folks,

I thought that I would send you guys a message, because as Chuan Fit has been picking up momentum in the Lafayette, Moraga and Orinda area, I am beginning to get the same old questions that I got back in 1998 when I taught the first non-contact kickboxing classes in the Bay Area. It is actually a little different because now, kickboxing is very common in fitness clubs and Martial Arts schools.

The question goes a little something like this: “How can you tell me that what you do is radically different from what everyone else is doing?” First I take a deep breath, and thank the good Lord for an opportunity to inform someone new about what I do. Then I say something like, ” What are your workouts like?” Then they usually tell me about how they warm up, then go through the various workouts, and that it is GREAT because the teacher always switches it up.

That is when I say something like” Okey-dokey, what kinds of techniques do you use?” They usually say something like “Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut, Front Kick and Roundhouse Kicks.” I then chuckle all smugly to myself, and say, and what else? They might throw in something like” We do some Abs at the end.” I say, that sounds like fun. Has your instructor explained WHY he does things that way? Can they?”

Chuan Fit is quite different. Although on the outset, it starts as a kick-boxing based curriculum, it quickly evolves as the weeks go by. I have experience in several Martial Arts dating back to 1979 or so. Now, I don’t feel a need to brag about those things, because humility is a part of the Martial Arts code. But I can say that I am able to teach a movement system that is a LOT more comprehensive than other kickboxing classes. There are a few reasons for this. 1-Most instructors don’t have a Martial Arts background. They got “certified” by a club or some other fitness-based company. 2-Most of the folks that do have backgrounds in Martial Arts are not particularly skilled in teaching. Most skilled combatants make HORRIBLE group exercise teachers. And 3- Many people cannot draw from a particularly diverse pool of techniques or methods.

I have been developing Chuan Fit for decades. I am  currently drawing techniques from about 7 different Martial Arts, and about 4 different Western health protocols. When people ask me “WHY?” I give them a simple answer: Because your progress is my obsession.  My specialty is creating predictable measurable results, reliably, week after week, month after month. My system includes various arts that provide the highest intensity with the lowest impact, since longevity is our aim. I move from standing to kneeling to grounded progressions, and back again. I actually have notebooks ( yes, those things on paper ) full of notes, routines, movement variety, and different ways to control tempo. I can break down a movement so that a first grader can follow, and perform with adults.

Now, while I think I am pretty cool, I do NOT think that I am better than anyone else. A better teacher? Probably, but not better. When people ask me “WHY?” I do things the ways I do, the answer is pretty simple: Because nobody else CAN. * Drops mic, and walks off stage*

Allow Me To Clarify

Howdy folks,

I am doing this post because I am still getting a little push back ( which I love ) about Chuan Fit. The push back is about my claim that Chuan Fit is a unique expression of movement for purposes of improving your over all fitness.

Let me be the first to say, that Chuan Fit contains elements of both Eastern and Western fitness ideas. As a Martial Artist, I will also be the first to say that Chuan Fit draws from a number of different Martial Arts. I know that you may be thinking, ” well, how is that any different than the zillion other folks who claim to use  the same thing?” I am so glad that you asked. The different is in the instruction method and experience.

Most folks who teach all of these NIA, Turbo-Kick, blah blah blah, are NOT Martial Artists. It is just the fitness industry trying to fill a popular demand. A lot of folks don’t like weights, or the standard cardio classes that are taught in most gyms. I think that it is both foolish and dangerous to have unqualified people teaching these kinds of classes. It is like hiring a chef to clean your teeth instead of a dentist. Teaching a movement based class is NOT just about telling people what to do. It is the nuances, and details about telling them what NOT to do. THAT is the real key to avoiding injury. Details, focus, and nuance are what separate the beginner from the veteran, the novice from the expert.

Hate to toot my own horn folks, but I am a veteran. I began the Martial Arts in 1979, and I have extensive experience in teaching in an academic progressive way. I teach in a way that allows the large muscle groups to warm up and expand first, and all of the auxiliary muscles, tendons, and ligaments after that. I do NOT try to impress anyone with fancy fitness jargon or over-complication terminology. I teach simply and effectively, so that even a second  grader can understand me and follow along. I have a legitimate background in a variety of Martial Arts. That is NOT so I can tell people how tough I am, but in recognition of the fact that there is often more than one way to effectively teach a concept. When I teach my Chuan Fit classes, it is the compilation of some of the Martial Art’s greatest teachings, as well as a healthy dose of scientifically proven Western Science.

In short, I have a proven system. I teach a codified system that allows a student to get significant, measurable benefits. it doesn’t matter if you are a complete workout beginner, or a life long sport participant, Chuan Fit will help you become better. Now, having proven that, I am off to watch the X-Files from the beginning. I just love that stuff.


Anthony-Chuan Fit Founder

Aim Higher!

Hello folks,

I just wanted to reach out today, because I am seeing a pretty disturbing trend in the world of health and fitness. That trend unfortunately, is selling yourself short. I have heard all of the “reasons” that people have not achieved their goals. They are “too old” “have no time” “have had kids” “not like they used to be” etc.

I am here to tell you folks, ” Do NOT listen to other people, or negativity. You CAN do better, you just have to KNOW that you can. Not believe, KNOW. The world is full of negative people who do not want you to achieve what they themselves have not. I am here to tell you that you are all awesome, and full of limitless potential. You can do ANYTHING in the realm of health and fitness. Just focus, and make it happen. Don’t get me wrong, we all have doubts, myself included. But shake them off, and keep pushing. I BELIEVE IN YOU! Now, let’s go make it happen.


Exactly What Is Chuan Fit?

To my folks,

I have answered this question a zillion times, but I believe once more is not going to kill anybody. The question is: What is Chuan Fit? Chuan Fit is a movement system that synergizes the mind/body connection. Now, that “mind/body/soul” trifecta is thrown about a LOT, and most people use it as a buzz word. Ask them to explain what that means exactly, and watch the look on their face change. Ask them to explain it to an atheist, or someone who does not believe that there is such a thing as a soul. Then for the “instructor”  it becomes a lot more complicated. I am a firm believer that if you cannot explain something easily, then you don’t know it well enough.

People have watched it and said” Isn’t that a “cardio-kickboxing class?” And I say, NOPE. While some of the movements are based in Karate, and other stand up striking styles, it also has progressions that are familiar to judo, jiu-jitsu, yoga, capoeira, and Tai-Chi.  Listen folks, without bragging, I can honestly say that I taught the first “Cardio-Kickboxing” classes in the Bay Area. Back in 1998, about 6 months before Tae-Bo even made it up here. I know this, because I kept having to explain that it was a non-contact class, that nobody was going to get hurt. I have seen the progression from “Cardio-Kickboxing” to Muay Thai fitness, and a host of other cheap copy-cats. The fitness business jumped right on the bandwagon with their “trademarked” Turbo-Kick, Aero-Jam  and Kick-Fitness and all of that other nonsense.

Chuan Fit was a natural progression for me. Using an academic formula, I analyzed the best movement systems from Eastern AND Western methods. I incorporated high intensity movement with low impact flows that challenge ANYBODY, whether they are life-long couch potatoes, or life-long athletes. The progressions can go from standing to the floor, or from the floor to standing postures. The movements are simple but not easy. They alleviate joint pain, tone bodies, loosen stiff joints, and provide a dynamic strength that is usually difficult to cultivate.

Now the kicker is that if you ask me, I can explain to exactly how and why it works as well, and as quickly as it does. No big words, no fitness business jargon, nothing like that. Just a bunch of two-syllable words that I can explain to a third-grader. If you don’t believe me, you can check it out on my Chuan Fit You Tube channel, Instagram, or Twitter. Tune in folks, I am here to help you get exactly what you want health wise. Also, just as a kicker, look up the word synergy. It explains what I achieve with Chuan Fit on a daily basis. It is also what I want to share with you.

Peace and Love,


New Years Is Too Far Away!


I don’t mean for Christmas shopping. Lord knows that is coming WAY too fast. Fact is, New Year’s itself is not that far away. What I mean is that it is too far away to begin what we KNOW we can begin right now.

I can hear the excuses about family, traffic, blah blah blah, but we would make the time for our favorite things. We need to stop denying ourselves good health and happiness. I am not criticizing people, Anthony is your friend, and here to help. If you cannot do a full workout regimen, let’s do this. Let’s do 25 free squats for the cause. That way, when others are making excuses, WE are making progress!! Right on folks, the grind is real. Let’s get our grind on together!

Let’s Do It Together!!

Hello folks,

I am here with just a quick message for you today. It is the end of the year, and people are already talking about the New Year’s Resolution for next year. I say FORGET those. Let’s get started TODAY. Chuan Fit can help you lose 10 pounds BEFORE New Years. Stay out of the gym, CrossFIt Box or ( insert trend of the day ) Get Chuan Fit in your life, and we can do it together.

Ask why your other program cannot guarantee MEASURABLE changes without dieting, or extreme regimens. Ask why they cannot guarantee improved muscle tone, weight loss, flexibility and joint pain relief in the same workout. Let’s do this thing people! I am here for you. Email me, contact me or call me, and I will send you my favorite beginner Chaun Fit movement. Have an AMAZING day!