Getting Fit? Or Just Fitting In?

Hello folks, Anthony here with another tidbit from my vastly over-worked mind. I have been to many gyms, and many Martial Arts schools, yoga classes etc over the course of the last 20 years or so. I go often times, so that I can keep my finger on the pulse of the fitness and Martial Arts industries as a whole, so I can report the facts back to all of you. I would say “adoring public”, but that is a bit too much, even for me.

Anyhow, I have noticed an interesting trend. It is what the great Judo Olympian and BJJ Black Belt Rhadi Ferguson calls “fitness vagabonds” That is to say that people go to the gym and do the things that  you are “supposed to do” but without a real plan. They go and “do cardio” on the treadmills, and then do some weight lifting to “tone up” It is usually not a focused program with a focused goal.

I am not trying to criticize anyone. Fact is, I wish I could reach out, and help every single person who has a genuine interest in reaching a high level of fitness. There is a maxim in the business world that” what gets measured gets done”. If a person is tracking their results, they are able to make adjustments as needed, and keep pushing toward a specific goal. In Chuan Fit, during the FREE “IDEAL BODY BREAKTHROUGH SESSION” one of he things that we cover first are your specific goals.  ”  I want to get in shape” does not cover it. We go specific. Would you like to drop 2 pant sizes? Would you like to be able to perform 20 push ups? How about crunches? With that information, I can tailor and adjust Chuan Fit movements for people, even during a group class.


Do yourselves a favor folks, start journaling your desired outcome. Visualize it, make it happen! I believe in you. If you cannot make it to a Chuan Fit session, check out the Chuan Fit channel on you tube, as I will be putting up a ton of information in the next few weeks. Until then, be kind to yourself and each other.


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