Exactly What Is Chuan Fit?

To my folks,

I have answered this question a zillion times, but I believe once more is not going to kill anybody. The question is: What is Chuan Fit? Chuan Fit is a movement system that synergizes the mind/body connection. Now, that “mind/body/soul” trifecta is thrown about a LOT, and most people use it as a buzz word. Ask them to explain what that means exactly, and watch the look on their face change. Ask them to explain it to an atheist, or someone who does not believe that there is such a thing as a soul. Then for the “instructor”  it becomes a lot more complicated. I am a firm believer that if you cannot explain something easily, then you don’t know it well enough.

People have watched it and said” Isn’t that a “cardio-kickboxing class?” And I say, NOPE. While some of the movements are based in Karate, and other stand up striking styles, it also has progressions that are familiar to judo, jiu-jitsu, yoga, capoeira, and Tai-Chi.  Listen folks, without bragging, I can honestly say that I taught the first “Cardio-Kickboxing” classes in the Bay Area. Back in 1998, about 6 months before Tae-Bo even made it up here. I know this, because I kept having to explain that it was a non-contact class, that nobody was going to get hurt. I have seen the progression from “Cardio-Kickboxing” to Muay Thai fitness, and a host of other cheap copy-cats. The fitness business jumped right on the bandwagon with their “trademarked” Turbo-Kick, Aero-Jam  and Kick-Fitness and all of that other nonsense.

Chuan Fit was a natural progression for me. Using an academic formula, I analyzed the best movement systems from Eastern AND Western methods. I incorporated high intensity movement with low impact flows that challenge ANYBODY, whether they are life-long couch potatoes, or life-long athletes. The progressions can go from standing to the floor, or from the floor to standing postures. The movements are simple but not easy. They alleviate joint pain, tone bodies, loosen stiff joints, and provide a dynamic strength that is usually difficult to cultivate.

Now the kicker is that if you ask me, I can explain to exactly how and why it works as well, and as quickly as it does. No big words, no fitness business jargon, nothing like that. Just a bunch of two-syllable words that I can explain to a third-grader. If you don’t believe me, you can check it out on my Chuan Fit You Tube channel, Instagram, or Twitter. Tune in folks, I am here to help you get exactly what you want health wise. Also, just as a kicker, look up the word synergy. It explains what I achieve with Chuan Fit on a daily basis. It is also what I want to share with you.

Peace and Love,



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