Allow Me To Clarify

Howdy folks,

I am doing this post because I am still getting a little push back ( which I love ) about Chuan Fit. The push back is about my claim that Chuan Fit is a unique expression of movement for purposes of improving your over all fitness.

Let me be the first to say, that Chuan Fit contains elements of both Eastern and Western fitness ideas. As a Martial Artist, I will also be the first to say that Chuan Fit draws from a number of different Martial Arts. I know that you may be thinking, ” well, how is that any different than the zillion other folks who claim to use  the same thing?” I am so glad that you asked. The different is in the instruction method and experience.

Most folks who teach all of these NIA, Turbo-Kick, blah blah blah, are NOT Martial Artists. It is just the fitness industry trying to fill a popular demand. A lot of folks don’t like weights, or the standard cardio classes that are taught in most gyms. I think that it is both foolish and dangerous to have unqualified people teaching these kinds of classes. It is like hiring a chef to clean your teeth instead of a dentist. Teaching a movement based class is NOT just about telling people what to do. It is the nuances, and details about telling them what NOT to do. THAT is the real key to avoiding injury. Details, focus, and nuance are what separate the beginner from the veteran, the novice from the expert.

Hate to toot my own horn folks, but I am a veteran. I began the Martial Arts in 1979, and I have extensive experience in teaching in an academic progressive way. I teach in a way that allows the large muscle groups to warm up and expand first, and all of the auxiliary muscles, tendons, and ligaments after that. I do NOT try to impress anyone with fancy fitness jargon or over-complication terminology. I teach simply and effectively, so that even a second  grader can understand me and follow along. I have a legitimate background in a variety of Martial Arts. That is NOT so I can tell people how tough I am, but in recognition of the fact that there is often more than one way to effectively teach a concept. When I teach my Chuan Fit classes, it is the compilation of some of the Martial Art’s greatest teachings, as well as a healthy dose of scientifically proven Western Science.

In short, I have a proven system. I teach a codified system that allows a student to get significant, measurable benefits. it doesn’t matter if you are a complete workout beginner, or a life long sport participant, Chuan Fit will help you become better. Now, having proven that, I am off to watch the X-Files from the beginning. I just love that stuff.


Anthony-Chuan Fit Founder


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