Can They Explain The “Why?”

Hello folks,

I thought that I would send you guys a message, because as Chuan Fit has been picking up momentum in the Lafayette, Moraga and Orinda area, I am beginning to get the same old questions that I got back in 1998 when I taught the first non-contact kickboxing classes in the Bay Area. It is actually a little different because now, kickboxing is very common in fitness clubs and Martial Arts schools.

The question goes a little something like this: “How can you tell me that what you do is radically different from what everyone else is doing?” First I take a deep breath, and thank the good Lord for an opportunity to inform someone new about what I do. Then I say something like, ” What are your workouts like?” Then they usually tell me about how they warm up, then go through the various workouts, and that it is GREAT because the teacher always switches it up.

That is when I say something like” Okey-dokey, what kinds of techniques do you use?” They usually say something like “Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut, Front Kick and Roundhouse Kicks.” I then chuckle all smugly to myself, and say, and what else? They might throw in something like” We do some Abs at the end.” I say, that sounds like fun. Has your instructor explained WHY he does things that way? Can they?”

Chuan Fit is quite different. Although on the outset, it starts as a kick-boxing based curriculum, it quickly evolves as the weeks go by. I have experience in several Martial Arts dating back to 1979 or so. Now, I don’t feel a need to brag about those things, because humility is a part of the Martial Arts code. But I can say that I am able to teach a movement system that is a LOT more comprehensive than other kickboxing classes. There are a few reasons for this. 1-Most instructors don’t have a Martial Arts background. They got “certified” by a club or some other fitness-based company. 2-Most of the folks that do have backgrounds in Martial Arts are not particularly skilled in teaching. Most skilled combatants make HORRIBLE group exercise teachers. And 3- Many people cannot draw from a particularly diverse pool of techniques or methods.

I have been developing Chuan Fit for decades. I am  currently drawing techniques from about 7 different Martial Arts, and about 4 different Western health protocols. When people ask me “WHY?” I give them a simple answer: Because your progress is my obsession.  My specialty is creating predictable measurable results, reliably, week after week, month after month. My system includes various arts that provide the highest intensity with the lowest impact, since longevity is our aim. I move from standing to kneeling to grounded progressions, and back again. I actually have notebooks ( yes, those things on paper ) full of notes, routines, movement variety, and different ways to control tempo. I can break down a movement so that a first grader can follow, and perform with adults.

Now, while I think I am pretty cool, I do NOT think that I am better than anyone else. A better teacher? Probably, but not better. When people ask me “WHY?” I do things the ways I do, the answer is pretty simple: Because nobody else CAN. * Drops mic, and walks off stage*


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