Please, Never Forget!

Hello folks,

As the New Year looms closer, I am accosted with the usual amount of ” Getting Started Back in the Gym Next Year” kind of talk. I am not going to speak ill of anyone who has told me that. The fact is the SOME of the people will do just that. For those who will not, well… they just will not. I just want to remind people of something that they often forget…..

You are supposed to ENJOY your workouts. The reason that I have been able to teach Chuan Fit for 18 years plus and not get bored is because I love it. I love the energy and the effort that I feel from my participants. This does not mean that I am never tired, or reluctant to go train. But for the huge majority of the time, I know that I will have a great time, and be glad that I went.

This is not just about Chuan Fit folks ( but it kinda is LOL ) it is about fitness in general. Don’t lock yourself into a gym or ANY situation that you aren’t enjoying. If you like Tennis for example, do not go to the gym to “get in shape for tennis”. Just play tennis. If you like to walk, throw in the music and get to stepping.Life is too short, and I have received two very unfortunate reminders of that recently. Your health and fitness are probably your best assets besides time, and loved ones. So, my friends, please be good to yourself, do what you enjoy. You will thank me ( see how I take all of the credit )

Your Fitness Pal,



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