Why “Failure” Is Okay

Hey folks,

People often talk about how they WANT this and WANT that. Well, that is great, my question for you is: Why aren’t you doing it now? Why haven’t you started?  The answer often times has something to do with fear of failure. I get it, nobody wants to be a failure. Let me tell you something folks: FAILING DOES NOT MAKE YOU A FAILURE!  I means that you learned one way how NOT to do it.

So many people are afraid to start something, because of how they think OTHER people will perceive them. Let me tell you, their opinion is NOT the one that matters most. If you want something, start it. Start small if you need to, but start.

That is one of the best lessons that Chuan Fit can teach you. As a part of the growing movement culture, I say just start. Don’t worry about the person next to you. Do NOT worry about the young kid who makes it look easy. Do NOT worry about how you cannot do the same thing as the person who has been an athlete their entire life. As kids say ” Just do You.” Everything else will fall into place. For every errant movement, for every misaligned transition, there is a silver lining. You aren’t failing, you are improving one rep at a tie. Some folks can call that failure if they want. We are smart enough to know that it takes coal a while before it becomes a diamond. I am sorry if this turned into a rant, but I only want the best for you, but you have to start. I will see you soon in class!


Your Much Needed Rant

Hello everyone,

I want to speak to everyone from my heart. I always do, but this is something that so many people struggle with. I have to admit that even myself, I struggle with this from time to time. This is not JUST about Chuan Fit, this is about life. I find that a lot of people are upset about the fact that they have not accomplished their fitness goals yet. I say: Let’s forget about what we HAVEN’T done yet. Let’s focus on what we HAVE done.

We need to stop focusing on our short-comings. We have won the universal lottery. We are humans in a limitless universe. We need to STOP listening to those who belittle our ambitions, and make us feel smaller about ourselves. More importantly, we need to stop focusing on the things that we are NOT good at. There are enough people in the world, and images in the media telling us that we are NOT enough. FORGET THEM AND THOSE IMAGES. Each and every one of us is unique. Chuan Fit is NOT about “cannot”. It is about “can and will”.

If you feel like you aren’t kicking  very high, SO WHAT? Show me the best low kicks I have ever seen. If you don’t currently have the snap in your punches or knees, SO WHAT? Show me the best posture that I have ever seen in Chuan Fit history. The moment that we go from “want to” to actually doing it, we have just become a success. Action is where the rubber meets the road. Let’s MOVE people, and forget about the negative comments of others. Let’s get it right folks. As my family from the country says, ” You betta get on the train, or off the track”.

What is Chuan Fit REALLY About?

Hey Folks,

I am here to speak about what I consider to be the crux, the focus, the main objective, or whatever you want to call it, as it pertains to Chuan Fit. Now, there are a lot of people making a LOT of noise about their particular program. Then there are some people making soft little “white noise” in the background as well. In order to break it down for you guys and gals, I am going to tell you what Chuan Fit is, at its core. Can a brother get a drum roll?……Thanks!

Chuan Fit is about 3 things: Music, Movement, and Fun! Now, I could get all into specifics, semantics, and all other kinds of “ics” if I wanted to. But Chuan Fit is all about the three things that I just mentioned. Nobody wants to come to class where the music sucks, you are just standing around, and the environment is boring. NOPE! The mere thought of that makes me sad. Now, I could bog you down with what makes Chuan Fit fun, and movement filled with awesome music, I really could. But the best way is to come see it yourself. I am offering a new session in Lafayette California, at Yu’s Martial Arts. Starting in 2017, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30-7:20 p.m. Did you check out my shameless plug? I know you did. Come on down and see what the fun is all about.

One Love Everyone!

Be Focused, But Be Loose

Hey Folks,

I wanted to write you guys something relatively brief, but important. I think that when a lot of people work out, they mistake force for intensity. I am ALL about bringing intensity and focus to the workout. I have even written about it. When performing Chuan Fit, I WANT people to be intense,  I really do. But I also want them to realize that force is not what makes it work.

When people first begin Chuan Fit, I let them know that the class is at your own pace. Kicking high, and hard is not only unnecessary but potentially harmful and dangerous. I also let people know that CONTROL is the most important aspect of the movements. Punches and kicks are always stopped short of full extension to protect the joints, and to maximize the movement benefit.

Here is a kicker for some: I actually tell my students, to punch and kick as SOFTLY as possible. This makes it so that the movements will flow better, and allow you to continue Chuan Fit for years without accumulative damage. So long story short folks, Hang Loose in Chuan Fit classes. Your body will thank you!

What To Focus On


I am here speaking about Chuan Fit of course, but also about exercise in general. I am often asked “What is the best and fastest way to improve?” While there are a number of variables that can affect the answer, the simple 3 are: Consistency, Focus, and Repetition. Consistency is just what we all know it to be: Show up, and show up to EVERY class that you possibly can. Don’t skip because you had a long day, or are a little tired. Get your hind parts moving to class. I don’t think I have ever felt regret for having gone to class. The movements, and the energy of the class and instructor are enough to motivate and energize you.

Focus is just an adult way of saying pay attention. NOT only should you focus on the instructor and the instruction, be sure to focus on the details and nuances of your own movements. Every person is different. What works for your instructor may not work the same way for you. That means, get comfortable with your own body. Find which ways you can move that help you feel like you are maximizing your class time. The class is for YOU! Remember that! While you are participating in a group setting, YOU are the most important person there. Don’t feel bad for making the class about you.

Repetition is just practice. How did you learn to tie your shoes? Walk? Drive? By doing it over and over again. I would love to tell you that you can short cut the process, but you cannot. Remember, you go because you enjoy it. Give yourself a change to be successful. It is a marathon, not a sprint. Now go out there and MOVE!!!