Be Focused, But Be Loose

Hey Folks,

I wanted to write you guys something relatively brief, but important. I think that when a lot of people work out, they mistake force for intensity. I am ALL about bringing intensity and focus to the workout. I have even written about it. When performing Chuan Fit, I WANT people to be intense,  I really do. But I also want them to realize that force is not what makes it work.

When people first begin Chuan Fit, I let them know that the class is at your own pace. Kicking high, and hard is not only unnecessary but potentially harmful and dangerous. I also let people know that CONTROL is the most important aspect of the movements. Punches and kicks are always stopped short of full extension to protect the joints, and to maximize the movement benefit.

Here is a kicker for some: I actually tell my students, to punch and kick as SOFTLY as possible. This makes it so that the movements will flow better, and allow you to continue Chuan Fit for years without accumulative damage. So long story short folks, Hang Loose in Chuan Fit classes. Your body will thank you!


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