What is Chuan Fit REALLY About?

Hey Folks,

I am here to speak about what I consider to be the crux, the focus, the main objective, or whatever you want to call it, as it pertains to Chuan Fit. Now, there are a lot of people making a LOT of noise about their particular program. Then there are some people making soft little “white noise” in the background as well. In order to break it down for you guys and gals, I am going to tell you what Chuan Fit is, at its core. Can a brother get a drum roll?……Thanks!

Chuan Fit is about 3 things: Music, Movement, and Fun! Now, I could get all into specifics, semantics, and all other kinds of “ics” if I wanted to. But Chuan Fit is all about the three things that I just mentioned. Nobody wants to come to class where the music sucks, you are just standing around, and the environment is boring. NOPE! The mere thought of that makes me sad. Now, I could bog you down with what makes Chuan Fit fun, and movement filled with awesome music, I really could. But the best way is to come see it yourself. I am offering a new session in Lafayette California, at Yu’s Martial Arts. Starting in 2017, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30-7:20 p.m. Did you check out my shameless plug? I know you did. Come on down and see what the fun is all about.

One Love Everyone!


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