Why “Failure” Is Okay

Hey folks,

People often talk about how they WANT this and WANT that. Well, that is great, my question for you is: Why aren’t you doing it now? Why haven’t you started?  The answer often times has something to do with fear of failure. I get it, nobody wants to be a failure. Let me tell you something folks: FAILING DOES NOT MAKE YOU A FAILURE!  I means that you learned one way how NOT to do it.

So many people are afraid to start something, because of how they think OTHER people will perceive them. Let me tell you, their opinion is NOT the one that matters most. If you want something, start it. Start small if you need to, but start.

That is one of the best lessons that Chuan Fit can teach you. As a part of the growing movement culture, I say just start. Don’t worry about the person next to you. Do NOT worry about the young kid who makes it look easy. Do NOT worry about how you cannot do the same thing as the person who has been an athlete their entire life. As kids say ” Just do You.” Everything else will fall into place. For every errant movement, for every misaligned transition, there is a silver lining. You aren’t failing, you are improving one rep at a tie. Some folks can call that failure if they want. We are smart enough to know that it takes coal a while before it becomes a diamond. I am sorry if this turned into a rant, but I only want the best for you, but you have to start. I will see you soon in class!


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