Why Chuan Fit Is For YOU Specifically

Hello everyone,

I have recently started teaching Chuan Fit in a new location ( Yu’s Martial Arts in Lafayette Ca, come check us out ) and I got the usual battery of questions after the first class. Usually I don’t get certain kinds of questions after the first class, but what can I say, it was an astute group. They told me about the kinds of exercise that they do and  have done previously. Sometimes I think people mention it, as a matter of them wanting me to recognize what they have done, and to let me know that they are no push overs.

I don’t take offense by it. It just gives me an opportunity to thank them for their attendance, and to let them know how Chuan Fit will actually HELP them in their other endeavors. I look at Chuan Fit as catalyst for achieving superior movement, and greater efficiency in the movements that people are used to using in their other kinds of exercise.

Let me give you an example: I have gotten a lot of joggers/runners  and bike riders. I have a ton of respect for this kind of athlete, because it is not something that I have ever excelled in. For this type of exercise, the range of motion is rather limited, but it helps improve speed with the maximum use of stride and minimal lateral movement. Now, while I have a ton of respect for long distance runners and bikers, I have heard from man of them that later on in life, they began to have problems with their hips, even leading up to hip replacement. I PERSONALLY believe ( Don’t quote me on this please ) that long distance running and biking can cause an imbalance of the muscles in that area. Chuan Fit is all about the use of the hip flexors and the strengthening thereof. While it may not be the most helpful in terms of improving a runner/biker stride, it certainly will help you preserve your hips, and lessen the chance of falling in your later years.

I had a couple of students come to me that played tennis. This is one of the sports that can be most benefitted by Chuan Fit practice. Tennis uses a lot of burst speed and lateral motion. Chuan Fit builds some powerful hip flexors and gives its practitioners the ability to turn and spin at the drop of a hat.

As the class was held in a Tae Kwon Do dojang ( school ) there were of course some people who studied Martial Arts. Now, while this should be obvious,  Chuan Fit, using Martial Arts striking as its base, helps Martial Artists in a big way. In a typical Martial Arts class, there is a whole lot of instruction given. In Chuan Fit considering the precise way that I deliver instructions, there is nowhere near the amount of verbal instruction given to the students. What Chuan Fit does most for Martial Artists is give radically improved muscular endurance. For Martial Artists, it is kind of like training camp to music. They get to use Chuan Fit as a method to get in hundreds of punches, kicks, elbows and knees. I am talking about every class. Repetition is the mother of mastery, and Chuan Fit is ALL about the reps.

Now, the motherlode in terms of benefits comes to  those who have NO previous experience in athletics. For them, Chuan Fit movement gold. They do not have to break any bad habits, or learn new ones for that matter. For them, Chuan Fit will build their strength, speed, endurance, agility, and flexibility all in one shot. It also connects the mind and body in a way that those other forms of exercise don’t and can’t.

So there it is folks, Chuan Fit at its finest. Contact me and join a class.  I guarantee that Chuan Fit can give you all you need, all you want, and more.


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