The Essence Of Chuan Fit.

Hello folks,

I am sending you this quick message because, well it is Friday and I missed you all. No really, I just wanted to give a quick reminder of what Chuan Fit is. Chuan Fit is Movement, Music and Fun! It is a movement system that connects the mind and body. HOLY MOLY that sounds like a commercial. Let me give it to you raw.

Chuan Fit is a way for the average person to express themselves physically. I am a Martial Artist through and  through. And while I would LOVE for everyone to be a Martial Artist, that is never going to be reality. Chuan Fit teaches you how to move in such a way that you can enjoy every type of motion in your everyday without pain or discomfort. Siting down, standing up, stairs, crawling and climbing all get a LOT easier if you do Chuan Fit. Do  yourself a favor: Come Chuan Fit  out and  I personally guarantee that your body will thank you for it.


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