Motivation Monday And Happiness

Hello everyone, I just wanted to try out a little something for Monday. I don’t know if I will do this every Monday. That depends on the response, so let’s get started. I think that from time to time, we all need to take some time to check in with ourselves about our happiness. Ask yourself honestly, on YOUR  scale of one to ten, how happy are you really? Don’t use anyone else’s idea of happiness, or their idea of what SHOULD make you happy. Take a moment, or an hour, or a day if you need to.

Now, are you happy? Not just reasonably content, but happy. The funny thing about happiness is that most of us contribute to our happiness or unhappiness. To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, we are about as happy as we choose to be. We often get bogged down in the details of our lives and forget to look at the big picture. That big picture is that we are alive, we have people that love us, and we live in a time where information has never been more available or accessible. Let’s look at those things and be happy. I know that we all have our moments of sadness, and rightly so, but for now, let’s DECIDE to be happy.  I wish you ALL a prosperous, productive, and HAPPY day!


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