Don’t Stop In The Middle


Everything in life has a beginning and an end correct? We all know that they do. But the one thing that most people don’t consider is the ” middle of the road.” In our fitness path, the middle is usually the darkest, and the most difficult to negotiate. We know all of the cliché’s:” It is always darkest before the light, every cloud has a silver lining” blah blah blah. The beginning of the journey is all about enthusiasm and belief. That is the initial fuel.

In the beginning, the end is also clear. There is cause and effect, before and after, larvae to butterfly. The transitional portion, the “becoming” is the hardest thing to visualize. That is the part that I would like to speak about. The middle part is where the “hard” happens. In the middle is where the “undefined” lives. The middle is where it is “too cold to workout.” The middle is where the muscle soreness hides.

I am NOT saying this to discourage you, far from it. I just want you to be able to embrace this middle. When you learn to swim, you know you are going to get water up your nose. Boxers know they are going to get punched in the face. Football players are going to get tackled really hard. With Chuan Fit, you will be sore, your body will change its composition without any type of rhythm that you can predict. But the beauty is also in the middle. It is where you learn how cool you are, how strong you are, how determined you are. The middle of the road is just the part that turns the soft into hard. Look the hard in the face and keep moving. I believe in you!



I Am Gonna Have To Make It Even Clearer

Hello my people,

It has been a minute, and it is my bad. It seems that despite the zillions of Chuan Fit classes that I have led, people are still wildly uninformed. I hear “profound” stuff like ” Hey, I teach Cardio-Kickboxing too!” Then I say something like” Too?” I do not teach Cardio-Kickboxing, I teach Chuan Fit.” Then they usually say something like” But I saw you doing some of the same stuff I do.” Then I go back with something like” Since I taught the first kickboxing classes in the Bay Area, YOU are actually doing something similar to what I DID.”

Here it is folks, for my BEGINNER class, Chuan Fit has a lot of elements of what people call Cardio-Kickboxing. I use this as a base for Chuan Fit because I have found that most people are not at all familiar with many of the moving transitions that Chuan Fit requires. For those in the beginning of their fitness journey, it is always wise to use movements that most people have seen, if not done before.

Now to the novice eyes, Chuan Fit does not go beyond that. But to a veteran who is skilled in movement, they will find that the movements are NOT just confined to the art of Muay Thai, or any other striking based art. They will find elements of Kipura ( Mis-called Capoeira ) Qi Gong, and Tai Chi. They would also notice flowing movements from judo, jiu-jitsu, Sumo,  Karesh, Shui Chao and Kalaripayattu.

Are you wondering how? Come check out a class. I will see you then!

I’m Going To Use A Bad Word

Happy Friday my people,

I am going to use a BAD word in the fitness world. Wait for it……WEIGHT! Not a bad thing, in and of itself. But if there was ANY part of the fitness and wellness world that is over-emphasized and overblown, it is a person’s weight. Now since I am here to kick the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but, let me start with what your scale does for you…..

It tells you how much you weigh…..Kind of anti-climactic, isn’t it? That number  does not tell you how fit you are, how healthy your heart is, or how emotionally healthy you are. STOP putting so much stock in that number. I know some of you have the cool scales that do mass and body index, all of that stuff. Even those scales don’t take into account the fact that people of other races and ethnicity don’t all fall under the same guidelines.

Let me break it down further. I am 6 feet 183 pounds. Not a small guy, but not a big guy either. I am in decent shape I would say ( Thank you Chuan Fit ) I have a friend who is 6 feet 1 inch and 285 pounds. “HOLY MOLY what a fatty!” might be what some of you are thinking. What does it change in your mind if I tell you he is a power-lifter? Some of you may say, ” That is still pretty big” What would it change in your mind if I told you that he as Samoan? For some of you, that is all the explanation that you need. The point is that a number is just a number until we get more facts. So hide your scale, it is only upsetting you.

When NOT To Apologize

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to throw out a thought this Thursday. Yes, my alliteration game is strong. Anyhow, I just wanted to remind you that you should NEVER apologize for dreaming big. Not just big, but HUGE. I  think that we sometimes lose track of our dreams, because we get derailed by all of the negative images that we see out in the world.

Remember, we are all, every single one of us, POWERFUL. We are AMAZING AS WE ARE RIGHT NOW! We should NEVER apologize for being non conformists. We are NOT too fat, too skinny, too dark, too light, too devout, too atheist, too anything. Let’s remember our own value. There are billions of dollars made every year by people because they can sell you the concept of lack.

In our fitness path, we are where we are, nothing more, nothing less. We can always improve, so let’s start with a mental shift first. We can improve our fitness and wellness level. We will NOT do it to conform to someone else’s idea of what that looks like. If I may quote Rap group Public Enemy: Don’t believe the hype!