I’m Going To Use A Bad Word

Happy Friday my people,

I am going to use a BAD word in the fitness world. Wait for it……WEIGHT! Not a bad thing, in and of itself. But if there was ANY part of the fitness and wellness world that is over-emphasized and overblown, it is a person’s weight. Now since I am here to kick the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but, let me start with what your scale does for you…..

It tells you how much you weigh…..Kind of anti-climactic, isn’t it? That number  does not tell you how fit you are, how healthy your heart is, or how emotionally healthy you are. STOP putting so much stock in that number. I know some of you have the cool scales that do mass and body index, all of that stuff. Even those scales don’t take into account the fact that people of other races and ethnicity don’t all fall under the same guidelines.

Let me break it down further. I am 6 feet 183 pounds. Not a small guy, but not a big guy either. I am in decent shape I would say ( Thank you Chuan Fit ) I have a friend who is 6 feet 1 inch and 285 pounds. “HOLY MOLY what a fatty!” might be what some of you are thinking. What does it change in your mind if I tell you he is a power-lifter? Some of you may say, ” That is still pretty big” What would it change in your mind if I told you that he as Samoan? For some of you, that is all the explanation that you need. The point is that a number is just a number until we get more facts. So hide your scale, it is only upsetting you.


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