I Am Gonna Have To Make It Even Clearer

Hello my people,

It has been a minute, and it is my bad. It seems that despite the zillions of Chuan Fit classes that I have led, people are still wildly uninformed. I hear “profound” stuff like ” Hey, I teach Cardio-Kickboxing too!” Then I say something like” Too?” I do not teach Cardio-Kickboxing, I teach Chuan Fit.” Then they usually say something like” But I saw you doing some of the same stuff I do.” Then I go back with something like” Since I taught the first kickboxing classes in the Bay Area, YOU are actually doing something similar to what I DID.”

Here it is folks, for my BEGINNER class, Chuan Fit has a lot of elements of what people call Cardio-Kickboxing. I use this as a base for Chuan Fit because I have found that most people are not at all familiar with many of the moving transitions that Chuan Fit requires. For those in the beginning of their fitness journey, it is always wise to use movements that most people have seen, if not done before.

Now to the novice eyes, Chuan Fit does not go beyond that. But to a veteran who is skilled in movement, they will find that the movements are NOT just confined to the art of Muay Thai, or any other striking based art. They will find elements of Kipura ( Mis-called Capoeira ) Qi Gong, and Tai Chi. They would also notice flowing movements from judo, jiu-jitsu, Sumo,  Karesh, Shui Chao and Kalaripayattu.

Are you wondering how? Come check out a class. I will see you then!


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