The Reason MOST People Fall Short

Hello folks,

This is NOT a put-down session. I just want to be real with you, and see if we can get to the bottom of this thing together. Many people WANT to change at least one thing about themselves: Weight, Family Status, Financial Status etc. This is totally understandable, and I support you in whatever positive changes you want to make in life. I just hope that you are making these changes based on YOUR decisions and not societal pressure.

There is a popular theory, that people only stop doing things to either 1-Increase Pleasure, and 2-Decrease Pain. I am not sure that I entirely agree with that, but there enough truth in it for me to speak on it. I think that people often struggle with their fitness goals because they focus on Pain as opposed to Pleasure. If you think that working out is exhausting and there is more Pain Than Pleasure, let me help you out a little. The pain that you may feel when working out is nothing like the PAIN that you will feel in later life if your muscles atrophy and your spine compresses.

Chuan Fit is Music, Movement, and most of all, FUN! Let’s focus on the pleasure in that.


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