Myths About Physical Strength

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to address a really pervasive myth about (physical) strength. If you ask most people about physical strength, they will likely think of the ability to move large, heavy objects. Don’t get me wrong, that is part of it. But I have never been a fan of lifting weights, and I am NOT digging at those who do. When people ask me why I do not life weights, I tell them the truth,” Weights are heavy!” That is my honest answer.

That is NOT to say that I am physically weak. I personally equate physical strength as the part of an integrated whole. I think of strength as the ability to move your body in any way that you want, and to sustain any type of motion, or stillness that you can think of. What that means is that while I am 180# at 6 feet, my bench-press is NOT that impressive. How do I know? Because I don’t have a clue as to how much I can actually bench press. I DON’T do bench presses. I look for the ability to maintain and sustain certain postures and body position. Along with Chuan Fit, I love to do stuff like see how long I can hold a plank ( not long enough ) and how long I can maintain a handstand position without falling.

I am pretty lean naturally, and I do NOT need to injure my wrists by trying to prove a manhood point on the bench press. I will measure my fitness with Chuan Fit and push-ups, thank you very much. It seems that in today’s Cross-Fitting, Iron-Addicted, ” MORE IS BETTER” trends, that people use iron on bars to determine how strong they are. That is one way to measure progress to be sure, but not the only way.

Stick with your Chuan Fit and body weight exercises folks. It is less dangerous, and less impacting on the joints.  Your body is a perfect machine, we just have to use it perfectly. On that note, have a good day, I am going to go do a handstand!


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