Slow Progress is Still Progress!

Hello folks,

I just wanted to reach out and remind you that life style changes do NOT come with a stopwatch. What we need to learn is to EMBRACE THE PROCESS! If we do not fall in love with the struggle itself, then we start to HATE when we do not get the results we want, or the results as quickly as we want them.

Immerse yourself in the process of improvement. As a man who empowers through Martial Arts and Movement, I unlock the human body with a series of movements that while difficult, are very fulfilling. I mean that both physically and mentally. There is NO clock from this moment to our last, at least in terms of progress. You may not improve 100% in one day, but you might progress 1% in 100 different ways. Be blessed ,and have an amazing day!


Stay In Your Lane Folks!

Now, when I say that, I don’t mean any type of disrespect at all. I am merely suggesting that you take a look at what you are doing health-wise, and be content with the choices that you have made. There are literally DOZENS of methods out there to choose from. The only ones that matter are the ones that you enjoy, and the ones that you will stick with. I can tell you all about Paleo, Cross-Fit, Tabata Protocols TRX, Pilates, Yoga, Reiki, FeldenKreis, Piloxing, and the list goes on and on. The only things that should matter to you is whether or not your chosen method is working for you, and whether or not you enjoy it.

It is quite easy to be overwhelmed by the zillion choices that are out there. But don’t fall into that game  folks. What works for other people works for other people. They likely have a whole different set of needs and wants than you do. Just stay focused, stay the course, and good things will happen. Have an amazing day!

Two Lives To Live

Hello Folks,

It has been famously said, that we actually live two lives. The second one doesn’t begin until we realize that we only have one. To me, that is a very powerful statement. I imagine that it would be equally powerful to anyone who is seeking, or following a certain path. As we live our lives, it is VERY easy to think ” I will do that tomorrow.” I don’t mean just work either. We often put off pleasure, or pleasurable things, because we assume that we have time. Do NOT put off life’s pleasures. Regret is the most potent venom there is, and we should be careful not to suffer from that affliction. Be well, and have an AMAZING, purpose-filled day!

Ridiculous Myth #2

Already folks, I have already hit you with the most ridiculous thing  I have ever heard in fitness. If not, check out the post before this one. The second most ridiculous thing I have ever heard, and it is PERVASIVE is this jewel: ” I mean, he is big now, but when he gets older, that muscle will turn to fat.” UMMM wow! NOT possible folks. Muscle and fat are two different types of tissue. That is like saying that you have a lot of hair, but it will turn into teeth one day. Muscles can atrophy (shrink) but they cannot become something else. We are not Transformers yet ( Darn it ! ) Anyhow, that is all I have for today, so please, if you WERE saying that before, KNOCK IT OFF! You are killing me over here. That’s okay, I still love you all. Make it a great day!

The Fitness Lie That Won’t Die

Hello folks,

I am about to hit you with the biggest lie ever…..Well not THE biggest lie, just the biggest fitness lie. The BIGGEST lie ever in my opinion is when the person WITH the belt says that it will hurt them MORE than it hurts you LOL! On a serious note though, the biggest lie in the fitness world is this: NO PAIN, NO GAIN!

That is a bold faced lie! Pain should NOT be a part of a person’s training for 99% of fitness and health scenarios. Now, when as a Martial Artist, I have had hundreds of sparring matches. No surprise that sparring with no pads or gloves hurts. When football players get tackled, that hurts. I can go on with those kinds of examples for a long time.

But for the other 99% of people, pain should NOT be a part of the program. A workout can be challenging, it can test your lungs, and you may feel your muscles reacting. THAT is okay. Muscle fatigue and discomfort are good, JOINT pain is beyond bad. Fitness is a lifelong journey, and it just does not make any sense to workout to the point where you are actually DAMAGING your body and compromising your health. Remember a workout should INVIGORATE you, and send endorphins rushing through your body. You are supposed to feel GOOD after working out. You are supposed to be GLAD that you decided to work out.

Remember folks, we are on a LIFELONG wellness journey. We have to be careful not to do damaging things that make us look great when we are young, but feel burnt out and broken down when they are older. Take a look at combat athletes in the Olympics. Many of them were in that top .05% of athletes on planet Earth in their prime. MANY of them suffer from daily aches and pains as early as their mid-thirties. They have done irreparable damage to their bodies and their joints. That is NOT the life that most of us want to have. So stay the  course, be smart, and enjoy your health for your entire life.

Go The Extra Mile!

Hello everyone! I was just reminded of a quote that I really like. That quote is: “The Extra Mile is very lonely” I LOVE that. The idea is that a lot of people will make a LOT of lip service about what they want, but few will sacrifice time and effort to achieve their goals. In life in general, and Chuan Fit in particular, let’s not forget that it is the EXTRA that separates EXTRA ordinary from ordinary. If you are struggling now, and we have ALL been there, take a moment to rest, refocus and reshoot at your goals. Have an amazing day!