The Fitness Lie That Won’t Die

Hello folks,

I am about to hit you with the biggest lie ever…..Well not THE biggest lie, just the biggest fitness lie. The BIGGEST lie ever in my opinion is when the person WITH the belt says that it will hurt them MORE than it hurts you LOL! On a serious note though, the biggest lie in the fitness world is this: NO PAIN, NO GAIN!

That is a bold faced lie! Pain should NOT be a part of a person’s training for 99% of fitness and health scenarios. Now, when as a Martial Artist, I have had hundreds of sparring matches. No surprise that sparring with no pads or gloves hurts. When football players get tackled, that hurts. I can go on with those kinds of examples for a long time.

But for the other 99% of people, pain should NOT be a part of the program. A workout can be challenging, it can test your lungs, and you may feel your muscles reacting. THAT is okay. Muscle fatigue and discomfort are good, JOINT pain is beyond bad. Fitness is a lifelong journey, and it just does not make any sense to workout to the point where you are actually DAMAGING your body and compromising your health. Remember a workout should INVIGORATE you, and send endorphins rushing through your body. You are supposed to feel GOOD after working out. You are supposed to be GLAD that you decided to work out.

Remember folks, we are on a LIFELONG wellness journey. We have to be careful not to do damaging things that make us look great when we are young, but feel burnt out and broken down when they are older. Take a look at combat athletes in the Olympics. Many of them were in that top .05% of athletes on planet Earth in their prime. MANY of them suffer from daily aches and pains as early as their mid-thirties. They have done irreparable damage to their bodies and their joints. That is NOT the life that most of us want to have. So stay the  course, be smart, and enjoy your health for your entire life.


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