Actions Over Words!

Hey folks,

I just wanted to speak to a bit of nuance as it pertains to that statement.  “Actions speak louder than words” is a cliche that we are very familiar with. I believe it largely to be true. But I believe that the expression “Actions DEFINE Your Words” speaks to a deeper level of truth. In our endeavors, let’s try to let our actions DEFINE us instead of merely speaking for us. Be well, Be blessed, Be safe!


My LEAST Favorite Cliche! Which Is Actually True

Age is just a number………. I KNOW! I KNOW!  I hate it also, but it is true. I am in my forties feeling better than I have in the past 10 years. I got serious about taking care of myself, and providing an example for my students. I have been an active hater of that cliche for a long time, but age is linked to MENTAL limitations, LONG before it becomes actual physical limitations. There are TOO MANY examples of folks who do NOT let there age define them. Ernestine Shepard is my favorite example. While not a body-building fan, I cannot help but feel inspired by her. ( Look her up ) Helio Gracie, Jack Lalanne, Carlos Gracie, Ernie Reyes Sr. Keiko Fukuda and MANY more refused to let age define them, and we shouldn’t either. LET’S GET ON THE BALL PEOPLE!


Courage is most often defined as: the ability to do something that frightens one. Or, strength in the face of pain or grief.
These are very good, classical explanations. For some reason, when people think of courage it is is often involving fire-fighters or war veterans or people who disarm a would-be robber. Now, those can work fine and dandy. But on a daily, personal level, I don’t think that those are the definitions that we should be applying to ourselves. I think that courage is merely an honest assessment of our lives, and the ways that we address them.
We are on a path of life-long improvement. I think that it would behoove us to remove all grandeur from the definition and focus on ourselves in the micro sense of the word. We are all powerful and amazing beyond belief. Let’s look at ourselves, our truths, and address them honestly.
With love,

NO Shortcuts!


I just wanted to remind you that there is no easy way to be a success. Success is something that each person defines themselves, but whatever it may be to you, it will NOT be easy. The basketball hall of famer Larry Bird was credited for one of the best  shots in the NBA. Which he deserved. But also shot 500 shots a morning BEFORE going to school every day. NO SHORTCUTS! People see the success, but not the blood sweat and tears that make it happen. One day of effort after the next. That is the only way!

Selective Hearing!

Hello folks,

I just wanted to say that despite what your parents may have said to you ( and you may have said it as a parent as well ) sometimes selective hearing is a good thing. I mean that we should not listen to the people that tell you why  what you are doing isn’t  going to work. OR maybe that the way THEY are doing it is soooo much better. Chuan Fit and our Martial Arts and Movement Mission is NOT for everyone. Let’s stay the course, focus, and all of the Chuan Fit benefits will enrich your life. I promise. Be Well!