My LEAST Favorite Cliche! Which Is Actually True

Age is just a number………. I KNOW! I KNOW!  I hate it also, but it is true. I am in my forties feeling better than I have in the past 10 years. I got serious about taking care of myself, and providing an example for my students. I have been an active hater of that cliche for a long time, but age is linked to MENTAL limitations, LONG before it becomes actual physical limitations. There are TOO MANY examples of folks who do NOT let there age define them. Ernestine Shepard is my favorite example. While not a body-building fan, I cannot help but feel inspired by her. ( Look her up ) Helio Gracie, Jack Lalanne, Carlos Gracie, Ernie Reyes Sr. Keiko Fukuda and MANY more refused to let age define them, and we shouldn’t either. LET’S GET ON THE BALL PEOPLE!


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